Welcome! By God’s grace Cornerstone Christian School purposes to be a classical, presuppositional Christian school. Our prayer is that the information provided here will provide you with an overall understanding of the ministry of CCS. Although we can’t provide all of our policies and procedures

As a discipleship school, our primary calling is to equip the children of believers; to work with like-minded families. We try to approach every subject, every issue, and every circumstance from a consistently biblical worldview.  We presuppose at every point the truth of Scripture and its power to change men’s hearts. We work to disciple our students in applying what they have learned, in light of Scripture, to all things of life and faith.

We are interested in more than the acquisition of Biblical knowledge, academic skills, and modified behavior for our students. We emphasize rigorous study of God’s Word, rigorous study of academic subjects, and rigorous development of character but not apart from encouraging the students to rely on God for growth in faith, knowledge, and righteousness.

Our goal is to raise up strong Christian leaders who will proclaim God’s word to this generation and apply it faithfully to every sphere of life. We are training Christian young people to be leaders in the home, the church, civil government, education, business, industry, science and the arts; well-rounded, servant-leaders who seek God’s glory in all they do and are well-prepared for their future.