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Mission & Vision

    Our Mission

    To work with like-minded Christian parents to educate our children with love and mercy in a godly environment that emphasizes a rigorously biblical curriculum, Christian character training, and college preparatory academics.

    Our Vision

    To produce well-rounded, self-governed leaders who apply the Word of God to every area of thought and life.

    Cornerstone Christian School Expected Student Outcomes

    A Cornerstone Builder is a well-rounded image bearer of Christ who as a:

    Confesses evangelical orthodoxy *
    Pursues academic excellence
    Applies the Word of God to every area of thought and life

    Makes peace and resolves conflict
    Seeks opportunities to serve others
    Speaks the truth in love

    Leads others with graciousness and humility
    Initiates and completes tasks with self-government
    Applies learning in practical ways

    * refer to the Cornerstone Christian School Statement of Faith