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    Philosophy of Education

    Cornerstone Christian School strives to raise up strong Christian leaders who will proclaim God’s word to this generation and apply it faithfully to every sphere of life. We are training Christian young people to be leaders in the home, church, civil government, education, business, industry, science, and the arts. We desire to produce servants-leaders who will seek God’s glory in all they do.

    To these ends, we teach God’s word (sound doctrine) and its requirements for righteousness (character training). We presuppose at every point the truth of Scripture and its power to change men’s hearts. We strive to approach every subject and every issue from a consistently biblical worldview.

    We are interested in more than the acquisition of abstract facts and academic skills. The biblical model of education stresses the mastery of living in terms of God’s word. We strive to teach our students the skillful application of the academics they have learned, in light of Scripture, to every situation in life. We also encourage each student to rely on God for growth in both his and her personal character and academic abilities. The end result is that the students are well prepared for their future.