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Standardized Testing

Cornerstone Christian School participates in biannual, national standardized testing in grades 2 through 12.  We use the CTB TerraNova 3 Plus standardized test from McGraw Hill. More than 42% of the schools testing in the United States are using the CTB TerraNova 3.

We acknowledge that these tests are only ONE measure of our students’ academic achievement, but they are a valuable tool in assisting us in evaluating and improving our curriculum and educational program.  They also provide a means of comparing our students’ performance with that of students in other schools nationally, in California, and in other ACSI Christian schools.

The TerraNova is both norm-referenced (comparing our students nationally and to other Christian Schools) and criterion referenced (showing whether our students are mastering the National Standards), and includes an ability test.  Additionally, tests are scored and returned in five days, and data is available on-line, giving faculty and parents easy and timely access to data.

Our teaching methods and choice of curriculum enable us to lay a strong foundation for academic success in higher education. Test results show a strong growth trend upward, a result of our solid program over time.

View the following sample of growth from year-to-year in the following charts showing average percentiles for grades 2 through 12 in Reading, Language, and Math on the 2015 tests. The bar graphs show the NP (National Percentile) of the Mean NCE (Normal Curve Equivalent) for CCS. The charts show the Mean SS (Scale Score) and the NP of the Mean NCE.

Data obtained from  McGraw Hill CTB and ACSI Data Online

See the charts and graphs by clicking the links below: