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Performing Arts

High School Choir

Choir is a high school elective for our 9th through 12th grade students. The group participates in several public performances during the school year. These events include our Christmas Music Festival, our Spring Concert, Graduation, and other school related occasions. The highlight of the year comes in early March when the choir competes with other ACSI Christian school choirs. This 2-day event, Musicale, culminates in a public mass choir performance that is exciting and inspiring.

K-6 Music Program

Our K-6 instrumental music program provides Kindergarten through 6th grade students the information necessary to perform at a rudimentary level on instruments. Kindergartners are introduced to rhythm instruments while older students work with recorders, mandolins, violins, woodwinds, and guitars. The various classes concentrate on correct posture and hand position, the development of note-reading skills, aural skills, rhythmic patterns, intonation, and tonality. The importance of sustained group and individual effort is stressed.

Performances and Competitions

In addition to our organized music programs, CCS encourages students with musical talent or ambition to perform at weekly chapel services, the Christmas Music Festival, or at our Spring Concert.

Poetry Contest

Each student in the school, from Kindergarten on up, memorizes a poem for competition within his or her class. Students are judged on poise, memorization, clarity, and interpretation. The top three students in each class then recite their poems at our annual Poetry Contest in November. The purpose of the competition is to train our students in public speaking, to encourage their love of poetry, to build their confidence and poise, and to entertain and edify those who come to the contest.


Our high school drama class presents two plays a year, a fall/ winter play (November/December), and one in the spring (March-May). Both plays are of the same high caliber, though the spring production tends to be more elaborate. Cornerstone Christian School’s drama performances are quite impressive especially when one considers our limited resources and small student population.