Placement Test

Placement Testing Information Sheet

For more information, contact our Admissions Director at (916) 334-6236 or .

Placement testing plays an important part in determining a student’s academic compatibility with our school and with a specific grade level.  We trust this information will help you as you complete the requirements for admission to Cornerstone Christian School.


All prospective students grades 1st – 12th must complete a Placement Test.  A CCS teacher who is familiar with the academic progress of the grade level for which your child is applying gives the test.  It is helpful, when possible, for the parent(s) to be prepared to inform the teacher administering the test regarding the curriculum the student(s) is currently using.


Where applicable, the test will include grade appropriate evaluations in the following areas:  Reading (including comprehension, oral reading fluency, expression, and word attack skills), Spelling, Composition, Grammar, and Mathematics (including math facts for speed and accuracy, and conceptual comprehension). The entire placement testing process, allowing time for introductions, testing, and post-test discussion with parents, takes approximately 1 ½ hour per student.


Your child may take his Placement Test prior to your application forms being completed; however, the test must precede the Family Interview.


Please meet with the teacher performing the test in the school office.  The teacher will proceed with the student to a classroom for testing.


This testing helps us determine your child’s academic compatibility with our program and place him properly within a particular classroom.  It is important for the teacher to know each student’s level of proficiency in order to make best use of the available instructional time.


You may schedule a Placement Test for your student(s) by contacting our Admissions Director at (916) 334-6236   or


The testing fee of $50 per student is payable on or before the day of your appointment.  If it is necessary to re-test in a particular subject prior to classes beginning, a $20 fee will be charged.  Please make your check payable to Cornerstone Christian School (or CCS).