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Family Interview

For more information, contact our Admissions Director, Sharon Lowery at 916-334-6236, at or complete this Request-for-Information. The family interview is the sixth and final step in our enrollment process.  In the first step, we provide you with information about Cornerstone Christian School to help you determine whether you want to go forward with additional steps. The second step is to visit the school and observe the prospective classroom in action.In the third step, we give you a copy of our Family Handbook.  As you read through it, you will learn about various school procedures and activities in more detail.

The fourth step is filling out the application form and providing us with various documents we require.

The fifth step is placement testing to determine the grade level that would be the best fit for your student.

Once the above steps have been completed, it is time to contact our Registrar to schedule a Family Interview with our Headmaster. The goal of the Family Interview is to:

  • Answer any questions you may still have;
  • Review and discuss the commitment necessary for a successful relationship;
  • Review your application;
  • Start the process of building a strong relationship between your home and Cornerstone.

The typical Family Interview takes a little over an hour depending on parent’s questions.  Family interviews are held at the school and can be scheduled by calling our Admissions Director, Sharon Lowery at 916-334-6236, at

There is normally a two-week waiting period following the family interview for your family and our school to consider and pray about your family’s enrollment in our school.