In addition, the strong emphasis at Cornerstone on excellence in reading and writing has been invaluable to me. The ability to communicate clearly, efficiently, and effectively is important for all students, no matter what studies they pursue. Because I was challenged as a student at Cornerstone— something that seems to be lacking from so many schools today—I developed strong study skills that have taken me far in my university education. I believe the seeds sown in academic integrity and focus at Cornerstone have been instrumental in helping me finish my undergraduate major early and start an accelerated master’s program in public policy during my senior year of college. Cornerstone’s combined focus of clearly teaching God’s Word and spurring on students to do their best in academics as a response to freedom found in Christ has motivated me to want to affect the world for the better and has given me the tools to pursue that desire

    Emily Kennedy

    Class of 2008
    In every class, we talked about God and the Bible and how it related to what we were studying. Whether it was math, science, Bible, literature, history...you name it, the teachers found a way to take it back to Christ. All the instruction was through that lens and it helped me to understand that my faith doesn’t just happen on Sundays. It’s a holistic worldview that touches everything I do. I would not be where I am in my career, my marriage, or my social life without Cornerstone. And while it is only by the grace of my savior, Jesus Christ, that I lay claim to any success, I am certain that He used Cornerstone Christian School powerfully in my development as a Christian and as a man.

    Kameron Snow

    Class of 2010
    Each year brought us teachers who worked tirelessly to teach the word of God to the students as well as rigorous academics and other activities. We appreciated the strict-but-fair approach in many classrooms and a commitment to training children up to respect and obey authority while still thinking for themselves. We were fully supportive of the school, which included David serving on the Board for many years, and Lisa working and volunteering for the school. We were happy to be a part of the Cornerstone Family!
    My teachers at Cornerstone helped me learn lasting truths: that living a successful life means being a giver instead of just a receiver, being a leader who knows how to serve, and being an achiever who gives all glory to God. I learned that while it’s important to study hard and to excel in my academics, true success can’t be measured by the number of diplomas, positions, and honors I am given but in hearing of the words “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

    Doris Johnson

    Class of 2009