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    Our family has been blessed by CCS since 2011. While our 4 children have greatly benefited from the strong academics at CCS, the greatest blessing is the way the teachers have always pointed our kids to Jesus. Our kids have gained lots of biblical knowledge and a strong theological foundation. While head knowledge is important, the teachers have worked to reach our kids' hearts for Christ.
    Our family has appreciated the Biblical foundation, excellent education, and character development that CCS has provided over the years.
    I have a great appreciation for the CCS faculty/staff who came alongside me so that I could be successful in my studies despite my dyslexia. In my opinion, it is the teachers that set Cornerstone Christian School apart from the rest.

    Rachel Brabec

    Class of 2022
    We are grateful for CCS helping us raise our son into the God-fearing, hard working, confident young man that he is; especially as he heads off to medical school.
    We are grateful for Cornerstone Christian School because of the God-fearing teachers and Christian education.
    I love CCS because its faculty teach and model the Word of God to young people and provide high quality training on how to think wisely about God’s Word.

    Eduardo Dajer

    Class of 2014
    We love Cornerstone for the Christian values and ethics, the strong academics, and the close family-like environment.
    We have been privileged to witness consistent biblical teaching, challenging academic teaching, and a great environment. We have appreciated the unwavering stance on wholesome biblical teaching. We know this has impacted our whole family and we believe the children who attend Cornerstone will grow up and impact the world in the way the Lord has planned in His will.
    My teachers at Cornerstone helped me learn lasting truths: that living a successful life means being a giver instead of just a receiver, being a leader who knows how to serve, and being an achiever who gives all glory to God. I learned that while it’s important to study hard and to excel in my academics, true success can’t be measured by the number of diplomas, positions, and honors I am given but in hearing of the words “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

    Doris Johnson

    Class of 2009