ACSI Competitions

Creative Writing Festival (grades 4-12)

The objectives of this event are: to provide an opportunity for students to develop creative writing abilities and skills, to share written work with others, and to have written work evaluated. There are three levels broken down by grade levels (4-6, 7-9, 10-12), and three categories (short story, essay, and poem).

Musicale/Sr. High Choir (grades 9-12)

The musicale is primarily a choir festival. Each choir, regardless of size, must memorize the six combined numbers chosen by the guest adjudicator/conductor. The two-day festival culminates in a public command performance during which all choirs will be combined and the six memorized numbers are performed. The objectives are: 1) to provide opportunity for ACSI students to unite together in exalting our Lord Jesus Christ in song; 2) to challenge choral directors and their students toward a program of excellence with the aid of adjudicators who provide helpful suggestions in a clinical situation; 3) to provide opportunity for choral directors and students to further develop their musical skills by making it possible for them to hear other groups perform during adjudication; and 4) to provide a maximum musical experience for our students by offering opportunities for them to develop their vocal skills through choral, solo, and ensemble adjudication.

Piano Festival (grades K-12)

This event is open to students K-12 who are attending an ACSI member school and who are presently taking lessons from a qualified teacher. The divisions are Hymn and Classical. The levels are preparatory through advanced. The objectives are: to provide incentive for the motivation of high musical standards among students from member schools, to give students an opportunity to discover their own potential for praising our Lord through the medium of music, to promote the development of spiritual maturity and strength of character of students in the evaluation experience, to provide an opportunity for students to perform before their peers and for students to be challenged by musicians from other Christian schools.

Art Festival (grades K-12)

This event is open to students K-12. All artwork entries must be from the current school year and must be the original work of the student. Categories include painting, drawing, printmaking, graphic arts/calligraphy, sculpture, photography, and crafts. The school may submit two projects from each classroom. The goal of this festival is to bring together the work of the student artists and to allow students to demonstrate their God-given abilities in using appropriate technique in their chosen medium.