Visual Arts

Elementary Art

In our lower elementary classes, students generally participate in weekly craft activities, which allow them to put their creativity and imagination to work. Students learn basic skills such as drawing of shapes and lines, coloring, and cutting with scissors.

Jr./Sr. High School Art

This class teaches fundamental skills in drawing, painting, illustration, printmaking, and other medium, as time allows. Students create work in pencil, ink, washes, chalk pastels and oil pastels. Additionally, students study how to evaluate artwork in a biblical framework and in light of the seven elements of art as well as the principles of design through reading and writing assignments.

Basic Elements of Art and Art History

In the upper elementary grades, the focus is increasingly on the history of art and the basic elements of art, including line, shape, color, space, texture, and form. Students begin experimenting with a variety of mediums at this age, including charcoal, pastel, and watercolor.